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Did I become insane as a result of my drug use or was my insanity what led me into addiction in the first place?  Clearly the two conditions of addiction and mental illness feed upon one another.  Some individuals in recovery require substantial treatment with psychiatric medications even after the drinking and drug use has stopped.  Taking mood-stabilizers or other medications does not constitute failure to work a recovery program.  Yes, psychiatric medications are "mind-altering drugs" in a sense, yet they've been selected for these purposes because they are difficult to abuse.  For example, most don't cause a "rush" or a burst of euphoria.  Whether insane behavior grew out of drug and alcohol use or vice-versa, the answer is the same.  Any use of alcohol or drugs can cause a return to the mental aberrations of insanity and any failure to keep our emotional and mental life healthy can lead back to active addiction.  Keep the plug in the jug, the stash in the trash, and do all other things to maintain mental health such as meetings and, as needed, physician care and medications.