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Sobriety and Recovery Links:  Additional Support and Resources

We encourage you to explore as few or as many additional sources of support as you need.

AA Agnostica  "A space for AA agnostics, atheists and freethinkers worldwide."  Site for personal writings is AAbeyondbelief.com.

Addiction Center  A wealth of information on addiction and recovery resources as well as treatment and counseling.

The Addiction Recovery Guide  Excellent complilation of addiction recovery resources for alcohol and other drugs.

Alcoholics Anonymous  AA, the oldest and still dominant support group, step-based program and large worldwide network of local and online meetings.

Celebrate Recovery  A Christ-centered recovery program.

DrugRehab.com  Addiction recovery resources including a great deal of valuable information on options and issues specific to different drugs including alcohol.

Drug Rehab Connections  Information on various types of addiction with resources and support and treatment options.

Drugs Forum Lots of information and some active forums.

Eureka California regional support:  Eureka Addiction Recovery Centers and Eureka Drug Abuse Treatment Programs, serving the Eureka area.

Faces and Voices of Recovery  An excellent resource for recovery advocacy, organizing and mobilizing.

Lifering  A secular support group organization with local and online meetings.

MBRP  Mindfulness based relapse prevention.

Narcotics Anonymous  A stepwise program for non-alcoholic drugs modeled after AA.

NCADD  The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

Ocean Recovery  Detox, inpatient rehab and support services in London and Blackpool, UK.

Rational Recovery  Books and material on addictive voice recognition.

Refuge Recovery  A Buddhist approach.

Rehabcenter.net  Resources for recovery, including inpatient treatment options.

SMART Recovery  Point-based program of specific tools to get through early recovery, with a network of local and online meetings.

Sober Recovery Forum  Lots of activity, and many points of view.  A good place to learn more about addiction from a variety of people who have been there.

SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety)  A secular support group organization with local and online meetings.

Start Your Recovery  Resources for recovery, including local in- and out-patient treatment and counseling.

UK Rehab  UK-based site offers impartial and independent advice and support to addicts and their families and friends.

Women for Sobriety  Step-based program for women with local and online meetings.