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Sobriety and Recovery Links:  Aspects of Recovery

Knowledge builds personal power.  Take what you can use, and leave the rest.

Why is Recovery So Hard?  Brilliant.  "The principal reason that the alcoholic or addict continues to believe something that is, at least in the eyes of those who have observed him over time, at times almost ludicrously untrue, is that his judgment and critical thinking are clouded by the psychological defense mechanism of denial."

Don't drink or use, trigger your ASMR  instead!  Or,  watch cat videos!  

A well-written pamphlet entitled 31 days,from the former Modesto LifeRing group, that contains some excellent tips on getting through the early days of recovery with minimal grief and anxiety.

Living Sober A classic from AA with some good tips. 

A recovery quiz How are you doing?

Making It Through The First Year from The Fix.

Relapse Justifications  Identifying the Addicted-Voice/Reptile/Lizard-Brain/Stinkin-Thinkin and stopping the thought process is key to avoiding relapses.

Should I go off suboxone?  If so, how?  From The Fix.

Staying Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety  Staying involved and service are important.

Pathways to Long-Term Recovery  Substitute your support group of choice if it's not AA.

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment  from the NIDA.

Definition of Recovery  from NCADD.

Addiction and long-term recovery  The marathon, not the sprint.

Why Addiction is Not a Disease  Interview with Marc Lewis.

An 8-year perspective on the relationship between the duration of abstinence and other aspects of recovery  The longer you can remain abstinent, the more likely you are to stay that way.

Is Naltrexone an ineffective treatment for alcoholism?  Some discussion on the Sinclair method.

15 styles of distorted thinking  These can be common in addiction recovery, watch for them.

Grieving the Death of Addiction  Addiction recovery can be viewed as a kind of grieving process.

You want me to commit to abstinence... Forever?  Sometimes smaller steps are more manageable and more successful.

Relapse after Many Years  It does happen, rarely.  Some reasons why.

Stages of Abstinence   A nice guideline for what to expect.

Trying to help does not make you an enabler  A view on positive reinforcement.

8 things alcohol promises but sobriety delivers  This is some real truth.