Abstinence.  Personal Empowerment.  Support.  Inclusiveness.  www.freestylerecovery.org.

Freestyle  Recovery®

Abstinence  This means never drinking or using under any circumstances: Complete abstinence from alcohol and all non-medically-prescribed psychoactive substances.

Personal Empowerment   We get clean and sober by building personal strength, no matter how we choose to build it.

Support  Very few people are able to stop drinking and using on their own, once they have passed into chemical dependency.  Beyond this point, support is critical to helping us stop, and even before this point it makes the process much easier.  Longer-term, support builds peace and serenity.

Inclusiveness  We welcome everyone, we take no positions on religion, and we encourage each of us to use as many additional sources of knowledge, strength and support as we need.