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Inclusiveness There are already dedicated secular recovery support groups, groups that are avowedly secular and leaning towards atheist and in some cases supported by atheist parent organizations.  These groups often feel uncomfortable to people with religious beliefs.  There are also already a number of religious recovery support groups, and others that are religious in nature and may only make sense to people with religious beliefs even if the groups are not officially religious.  These groups often feel uncomfortable to people with no religious beliefs.  

Freestyle Recovery takes no positions at all.  If religious beliefs are an important part of your addiction recovery and you want support, you have it here.  If you are atheist and religion plays no role in your life, you also have our support.  We do not draw boundaries on what you can and cannot talk about relating to your recovery.  Furthermore, all of these groups have something to offer, from bits of wisdom to fellowship of other kinds, and any of them may play a role in your own personal recovery. 

We encourage you to use as many as you need, and to take what you need from whatever sources you wish.  Leave the rest if you don't need it, and show respect to the person in the next chair who may have a different perspective; every single one of us has something to learn from everyone else.  Inclusiveness, genuine inclusiveness, is a foundation stone of Freestyle Recovery.