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Sobriety and Recovery Links:  Miscellaneous Addiction Related Links 

Knowledge builds personal power.  Take what you can use, and leave the rest.

How many days sober?  If you know your sobriety date, you can count the days here.

This is what happened when I called a suicide hotline.

Why sales of pressurized laughing gas are sky high in Arizona  by David Holthouse.

7 years in prison for being an opiate addict?  A great example of why we need to view addiction as what it is, a medical problem.

Heroin use in US reaches epidemic numbers  Heroin deaths quadrupled from 2002 to 2013.

UNITE To Face Addiction rally in Washington DC.

How People in Recovery are Using Instagram to Stay Sober  from The Fix, originally from an article at recovery.org.

How alcohol problems can get worse with age  from The Fix.

AA Membership: Growth or Decline?  From AA Agnostic.

Recognizing the stages of alcoholism:  The Jellinek curve  The most interesting part may be the comment section.

Is your therapist helping you enough?  From The Fix.

Is this therapist a well-trained professional or unqualified hack?  Certifications matter.

The Heroin Epidemic, in 9 Graphs  Heroin abuse has become a major problem in the U.S.

Rehab options list from ConsumerAffairs  A good list of residential facilities as well as information about the different options available.

The Sobriety Collective  Recovery blogs and resources.

Home (Sober?) for the Holidays  Some good tips for dealing with the season.

"Devils Drug": Flakka is driving Florida insane  Some folks will try anything to get high.

Happy New Year! - The risks of binge drinking  Lots of alcohol addicts started out as bingers.

How do I deal with my emotions if I'm sober?  From The Fix.

Politics and Perception in New Addiction Legislation  From The Fix.

Addiction Information:  Understanding Withdrawal  Some good info and many links to more.

10 Reasons Why I'm Lucky to be an Alcoholic  From The Fix.

Independent Recovery: Can you get sober alone?  From The Fix.

Dangerous Dance:  The Rising Danger of Benzo Addiction  From The Fix.

AA is not evidence-based treatment.  From The Fix.

Sleep disorders in addiction recovery  Some good info.

Co-occurring disorders in recovery  Dual diagnosis is common.

Returning to work after rehab  What your employer might think of you coming back.

Home meditation  Many people in recovery benefit from meditation, here are some tips.

Iceland succeeds at reversing teenage substance abuse  Why can't the US?

Suicidal thoughts and alcohol abuse  Some good information

Opioid Help  Lots of useful information about opioid use and abuse.