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Freestyle  Recovery®

Personal Empowerment You will get clean and sober, and you will stay there, solely by your own actions.  If you relapse along the path to abstinence (most everyone does at least once, often many times, sometimes after years of sobriety), it will be solely because of your own actions.  If you trust in a higher power and it works for you, it will be because you yourself are empowered by it.  You build up control over your actions over time with continued sobriety, and you apply this growing personal power to make your life easier and happier in the process. 

Other people can help you along your path, and that is what recovery support groups like Freestyle Recovery are for.  Other people can also serve as obstacles along your path, possibly including friends and family who may even mean well.  External events and circumstances, within and outside of your ability to control, will help or obstruct you, too.  But you decide whether or not you will drink or use, and if you hand control off to anyone else, you won't remain abstinent for long.  Personal empowerment is a foundation stone of Freestyle Recovery.