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There are at least two reasons for going to a support group or recovery meeting.  One, I am uncomfortable and emotionally jammed up, angry, sad, frustrated, or even just grouchy and wanting to drink or use.  That can propel me to a meeting because I know I'll hear things to remind me of my commitment to not drink or use drugs.  Two, I may be comfortable in my recovery, but just want to sock a little extra recovery into the savings account because I want it to be there should I encounter a trigger, an event, or situation that might lead me to a bad decision about drinking or using drugs.  Push recovery motivation is fine because it tells me exactly what to do to find relief.  Pull recovery, however, forces me to plan ahead and to prepare myself against negative circumstances not even yet present.  Just the same, it can be nice to have some recovery in reserve for the time I may need to draw on it.  As my recovery advances, my motivation is less based upon pain and fear than upon my longing for continued recovery.