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Knowledge builds personal power.  Take what you can use, and leave the rest.

Why Alcoholics Anonymous Works  It's the support.

Pages and pages of well-researched but entirely negative information about Alcoholics Anonymous archived from the old Orange Papers site, this may make you angry or it may save your life.

The Serenity Prayer as written by Epictetus in the 1st century, the earliest known version in a long history.

10 Reasons the Serenity Prayer Helps in Recovery  It's not just for 12-step groups, and it's not just for those with religious beliefs.

Why Do So Many in Our Field Resist Alternative Forms Of Treatment?  From ASAM Magazine.

The Surprising Failures of 12 steps  A critical article from The Atlantic.

If Not AA, Then What?  A short article from the President of SMART Recovery illuminating some of the differences between 12-step and alternative approaches to addiction recovery.  They both work, but often for different people.  "The 12-step approach is a serenity approach to recovery. The self-empowering approach is a courage approach. As the Serenity Prayer suggests, we all need both serenity and courage. However, most of us prefer one approach to the other. To use the language of scientific psychology, some of us tend toward external locus of control (serenity) and others tend toward internal locus of control (courage)."   Absolutely key phrase that is perhaps glossed over - we need both serenity and courage.  12-step groups tend to drop the courage, but secular groups often neglect the serenity.  There is a middle ground.

AA won't list non-religious meetings Originally from the Des Moines Register.

Attending Social Occasions in Recovery   Yes, you can go to parties, restaurants and bars, but be careful and be prepared.

In Defense of 12 Steps: what science really tells us about addiction  A rebuttal to a radio interview criticizing 12-step programs.

The Future of Secular Alternatives to 12-step Groups  from The Fix.

Where Should the Power in Addiction Recovery Come From?  An interview with Tom Horvath.

A-Z Guide to Addiction and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  A great piece on what CBT is, how it works, and how it helps some people overcome addictions.