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Depression and alcohol/drug abuse synergistically feed on one another.  That is, either one can amplify and motivate the other.  Drinking and using, however, we may not even be able to feel how badly we feel emotionally.  Clean and sober, we must be prepared to feel our feelings and although the intoxication/anesthetic is gone when we get clean, the negative feelings formerly integrated with getting high will likely remain.  In our recovery we now need to grow out of the dark mental attitude that was handmaiden to our addiction.  How do we do that?  Integrating ourselves with a support group can elevate our spirits.  We also may seek to develop a stronger moral sense with a goal of enhancing our self-esteem.  Reading about, talking about, and practicing principles of conduct such as honesty, open-mindedness, tolerance, service to others, and responsibility can help us positively integrate our new lives with others and with ourselves.  Depression is dangerous and can threaten our new, clean, sober life.  It is important to stop drinking and drugging, but it is also important to modify any depression that was tied up with our habit.