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Support Beyond a point along the addiction path, which is the progressive and eventually fatal loss of your ability to control your drinking or using despite increasingly severe negative consequences, you are not going to get out of your hole by yourself.  By this point, your personal power over your drug of choice is gone, and it probably feels like someone else is looking back at you in the mirror.  You will probably not make it without support.  We do not mince words here, the end state of continued chemical dependency on alcohol and drugs is death, and we have seen it.  Not because you aren't smart (or your clean and sober self isn't smart), not because you aren't motivated (or your clean and sober self isn't motivated), but because your brain has changed chemically and it no longer works like a normal brain; like your clean and sober brain used to work.  By the time you are chemically dependent, willpower alone won't suffice because you don't have enough left.  If it were enough, you would not have let yourself become chemically dependent, would you? 

Here is where recovery support groups come in, fellowship with other folks who are going through, or have gone through, what you are going through, and can lend you as many hands as you need to climb out of your hole.  And even if you are not yet chemically dependent, support makes the recovery process vastly easier.  How long you feel you need support in order to remain abstinent is up to you, but even long beyond that point you may find other reasons to continue, including service and providing support and fellowship to other people who need it, just like you needed it.  Support is vital and builds serenity, and is a foundation stone of Freestyle Recovery.