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It seems that there was a bar on the top floor of a very tall skyscraper in New York City.  A man came in and there was only one customer in the place, sitting at the bar.  After looking around a bit, the new customer said, "Man, this is a classy place...  isn't that an original Renoir on the wall?"  The other man at the bar said, "Yes, and this bar has other special features...  for example, the barstool I'm sitting on was retrieved from the wreck of the Titanic."  The other man answered, "Yeah?  What else is special here?"  The answer was, "well, come over to this corner window."  They did and opened it and stood on a narrow open-air balcony.  The man said, "The architecture of this building is so special that you can step off this balcony and updrafts from the alley below will buoy you up and you won't be hurt."  To dispel skepticism, the man jumped out, fell about 40 feet, then floated up again and drifted right back to the balcony.  The astonished onlooker said, "man, you must be a ghost...  if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it."  To reinforce the point, the other man said, "Hey, it works every time" and stepped of again.  Likewise, he dropped, floated up, and then stepped back to safety.  Convinced, the other man jumped out onto the space before the ledge and plummeted 139 feet to his death.  Splat!  When the other man stepped back into the bar, the bartender commented, "You know, Superman, when you're drunk, you're a real jerk.”  

Moral of the story:  If you were a jerk drunk, you may still be a jerk when you're not drinking.  Stay out of bars.