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Sobriety and Recovery Links:  The Nature of Addiction

Knowledge builds personal power.  Take what you can use, and leave the rest.

A fantastic video explaining addiction in 5 minutes without a single word.

Alcohol: Risky Business for the Brain.

Loosening Addiction's Deadly Grip  Recent research paints a picture of addiction as a progressive, chronic neurological disease that wreaks havoc with brain chemistry.

Evidence for a genetic factor in alcoholism?  

Addiction is a Disease of Free Will  By Nora Volkow.

Addiction is a Brain Disease.

Addiction: No Magic Bullet from Newsweek.

Fascinating video  Brain scans helping fight addiction.

Imaging the Addicted Human Brain  How brain imaging helps us understand addiction.

Impacts of Drugs on Neurotransmission  The defining features of drug intoxication and addiction can be traced to disruptions in cell-to-cell signaling.

How Drugs Affect the Brain  A good primer.

The Addiction Puzzle:  Why Alcoholics' Gender Matters Part 4.

The Addiction Puzzle:  The Search for the Alcohol Trigger Part 3.

The Addiction Puzzle:  Bringing Scientific Rigor to Addiction Research  Part 5.

Cognitive Impairments in Drug Addicts  Why we can't think straight as addicts.

Alcohol-Related Dementia  Alcohol can cause severe and long-lasting mental and physical problems if we drink to heavily, too long

Defense mechanisms  There is a long list.

Addiction and Its Mechanisms of Defense  Denial is just one of many defense mechanisms we use in addiction

4 things John Hari gets wrong about addiction.  Brilliant.

So, Is Addiction Genetic?  Or Not?  Partly, yes, but it's not so simple.

Why are some people more vulnerable to addiction than others?  From The Fix.

Another view on the disease model of addiction  From Marc Lewis.

How Childhood Trauma Creates Lifelong Adult Addicts  Well, drinking and using create addicts, but trauma is a huge factor in driving some people to drink and use enough to become addicts.

Is Addiction the Treatment or the Disease?  From The Fix.

The Dangers of Drug Addiction  A good short article, with links at the bottom to other good info.

Is marijuana addictive?  Duh...

Removing the stigma:  How to create a productive dialog about addiction  A nice perspective with a long list of good links.