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How disconcerting.  We dream that we drank or we dream that we used.  While the addict or alcoholic is very likely to awaken from such a dream with an uncomfortable sense, namely, the regret over feeling they have slipped in their recovery program.  That disquieting feeling, however, is quickly replaced with relief that the lapse wasn't real. 
It takes effort and energy to move away from an urge or craving whether awake or asleep, yet the work it takes to reestablish our abstinence attitude is essential to maintenance of our recovery. The good news is that a using dream can remind us that we are addicts and must not be complacent about staying clean and sober.  It may also remind us to do even more to enmesh ourselves in actions to combat our addiction, such as calling friends in recovery, going to an extra meeting, or journaling about the changes we are making in our lives or simply journaling about our feelings on any issue.  We do what we must do to reinforce our commitment to a clean and sober life style.