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Freestyle  Recovery®

Freestyle Recovery is an addiction recovery support group

We welcome everyone who values abstinence, inclusiveness, support and the development and use of personal power to overcome addiction and live life happily clean and sober.  Freestyle Recovery has practical proven suggestions and tips that work, and a unifying philosophy that encompasses whatever additional kinds of support or knowledge you need, but we are dogma-free and we are not a program.

Freestyle Recovery is not a non-profit organization, which requires lawyers and accountants and a pile of money that must always be replenished.  Perhaps that is in the future, perhaps not.  Small and informal can be a good thing, and we believe in grassroots growth led not by boards and CEOs but by individual members who care.

Freestyle Recovery is not a for-profit organization either, nor a company, nor a corporation.  There is very little money in addiction recovery support groups, even in the medical treatment business, and if we eventually offer books or other literature for sale, it will be because we think these things will help more people while covering organizational costs, not because we hope to quit our day jobs or retire to Hawaii on the proceeds.

We take no positions on any issues outside addiction recovery.  This includes political and religious issues, social issues, cats vs. dogs, sports competitions, and everything else that is not addiction recovery.  The ties that bind us are a devotion to recovery from addiction and a desire to live our lives happily and at peace, following our four foundation stones.  We do not need to agree on anything else.  Furthermore, individual donations to help cover organizational costs are always welcome, but we do not accept donations from organizations, governments, companies, corporations, and other outside entities.

A group of us, with decades of collective experience in sober living following the living hell of addiction, and with decades of collective experience with other recovery support groups as well as medical treatment groups, founded this organization in our spare time because we believe we can help others, and because we feel there is a need.  If we do help others, we will have succeeded, and if we grow it will be because there is a genuine need.